Program Objective

To educate mature students on the technical aspects of selling travel who already have the curiosity and passion for travel through first-hand experience, and provide real time training based on demand for staff in our branch offices.

Our ideal students have the following background and skill:

30-50 years of age

interested in a change of career or returning to work part time or full time

have travelled extensively (usually once or twice a year) to the south and Britain/Europe; other destinations an additional benefit

keen knowledge of geography and travel routings

previous experience that involved working with public and organizing activities either as a volunteer in the community or a paid position outside the industry

familiarization with consumer travel sites

Character Traits:

Communication with a sales or service oriented nature

attentive to detail; an organizer

enjoys people contact … comfortable making new acquaintances … effective within a team atmosphere

enthusiastic about travel

Good at learning new technology. Systems and Websites.

Program Structure

The Maritime Travel Program will train students on the essential skills that will enable them to be immediately productive on our systems.  Additionally, students will be trained to meet the standards of service and best practices that have been entrenched in the culture of the company.


Total recommended training hours are usually based on a few hours per week over a period of a few months. Timing between courses may be flexible pending speed trainee is learning and availability of trainers and trainees at different times.  More than one trainer may be involved.

Course Outline (example)

There will be live and/pre recorded training sessions that the trainee will be participating in. Guidelines are provided to the student to follow. These sessions focus on the overall travel industry, suppliers, all aspects of travel from air, cruise, tours and ITC packages as well as destination knowledge and our internal booking and accounting systems.


The objective is to provide real time training based on demand for staff in the branches.

In-Branch Training


Students will obtain practical experience in their Maritime Travel branch applying specific skills and knowledge acquired in formal training through real exercises in the branch.  In addition, the student will receive intermittent feedback from the branch team that would positively influence their overall development.  Students would be identified and introduced to clients as new employees who are still in training.

Branch Coaches

Specific branches or trainers would be selected as an extension of this program to welcome students into their shop for practical experience and provide one on one coaching.  The Branch team and the student would have a specific outline to follow with an evaluation to complete at different points to review with Operations and trainers.

Trainee Incentive

Our trainees are new hires and will be paid based on their contract.