A river cruise touches the senses. It combines space and time to create a contemplative experience. Sitting on the upper deck in an intimate atmosphere, watching unspoiled, beautiful scenery pass by – these are moments you will never forget.

Marvel at the engineering prowess of the locks. Immerse yourself in the culture of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Enjoy the culinary specialties of the regions the ship passes through. And you only have to pack your suitcase once. Yes, a river cruise in Europe with Riverside Luxury Cruises also means setting out to find yourself.

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Their history and geographical location make the Danube, Rhine and Rhône rivers prime destinations for a river cruise in Europe. They became famous as trade routes. As natural landscapes, they are hard to beat for beauty. Here you can experience architecture, art and culinary delights in a very special way. No matter what ship or destination you choose, Riverside Luxury Cruises will make it right.


When you book a cruise with Riverside Luxury Cruises, you experience unparalleled luxury. Amazement in every suite. The finest fabrics and materials. Every guest enjoys butler service – and an incredible amount of space.


Do you enjoy personalized service? Do you appreciate the interplay of culture and nature as much as an uncompromising culinary experience? Do you love the fusion of space and time and are you looking for experiences that you will talk about for years to come? And yes, you like it sophisticated? Then there’s a good chance that a river cruise in Europe with Riverside Luxury Cruises will be the trip of a lifetime. Our ships are second to none – and they make guests happy. Take a look at the Mozart – the first ship in our fleet, it’s something special.


The Riverside Mozart is an exceptional vessel. As the largest and most luxurious river cruise ship on the Danube, she, like her famous namesake, knows how to captivate and surprise her guests.


He was considered meticulous and obsessed with detail. His famous Boléro is an idiosyncratic composition that nevertheless appeals to a wide range of tastes. The Riverside Ravel bears his name with good reason. Like the Boléro, it glides slowly along the Rhône and Saône rivers in a steady rhythm. Curious? Great! We work hard to put together the best trips for you.


He was a charmer. Poetry and charm characterized his work. His compositions were considered to be the beginning of a “new music” and the tours with the Riverside Debussy can also be seen as the beginning of a new kind of river cruise on the Rhine. Are you curious? Great! We are working at full speed to put together the most beautiful trips for you.