Social travel for 18-35s

Don’t do it for the places. Do it for those shared moments. That widen eyes and fill up camera rolls. That turn shy hellos into tearful goodbyes.

Do it for the memories. When you danced ‘til the sun came up, laughed ‘til you couldn’t breathe, shared a part of yourself with the world, and got so, so much more in return.

Do it for a community you’ll be a part of for life. Welcome to social travel for 18-35s.

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This isn’t just group travel. This is social travel.

Our trips aren’t just about visiting new places – although with us, you’ll visit plenty. They’re about never taking travel for granted.
They’re about immersing yourself in every place you visit, thanks to insights from our local guides. They’re about experiencing other cultures and ways of living, thanks to our hand-picked experiences. And, above all, they’re about having fun and making connections that last long after the trip ends: connections with new places and connections with people as hungry for adventure as you.

How it works

These aren’t just holidays. They’re adventures curated by travel experts. So what comes included in your trip? Amazing destinations, transport, accommodation and experiences for a start. Oh, and a bunch of your best friends too. You just haven’t met them yet.

Step 1: Pick your destination

We make travel so easy that picking where to go is the hardest part. Check out our online magazine, six-two if you need inspo. (Or just throw a dart at a map. Chances are, we go there).

Step 2: Turn up to your dream trip

The day has arrived! You’ll be welcomed at your start destination by your Trip Manager. Think of them as your guides, friends, confidantes and walking Wikipedias. And they’ve sorted everything for you. Comfy accomm, seamless transport, and amazing experiences. They’ll also introduce you to your Contiki fam (the new friends you’ll be making memories with throughout your trip).

Step 3: Have the time of your life

Contiki has been honing social travel for over 60 years. So no matter how you join – shy, confident, solo, in a group – you’ll quickly make lifelong friends. Travel experiences are that bit more special when they’re shared with others. But to truly understand the Contiki magic? You need to experience it for yourself.