Whether you are planning a business trip or a vacation with the family, our products are sure to meet your needs. We offer affordable family, group, and student rates, not to mention fantastic annual plan rates.

All Inclusive Annual Plan
• A great fit for the frequent traveller for as little as $205 per year!
• Offers more travel benefits than most credit cards

The Ultimate All Inclusive Plan – Enhanced Trip Cancellation Protection!
• Cancel at any time prior to trip departure and get up to 80% reimbursement!

Family Rates – Amazing savings for the family!
Includes Grandparents travelling with their grandchildren for trips up to 16 days. Offered on many of our popular plans!

The Last Minute Option – Do you travel at the last minute?
Save 25% on premium!

Youth Premier Plan – Under 30 and looking for affordable rates?
Package rates with up to $5,000 in Trip Interruption coverage and $1 million in emergency medical coverage starting as low as $29.00!

Ultimate Youth Premier Plan
• Same great benefits as the Youth Premier Plan, with ultimate cancellation coverage - up to 80% reimbursement for cancellations not otherwise covered under the policy!
• Increased Emergency Medical Coverage (up to $5 million)

Visitors to Canada
• Plan Options allow for Super Visa Eligibility
• No medical questionnaire required



For information on other plans and rates
please call your nearest Maritime Travel or LeGrow’s Travel office. 



To view policy details, please click the links below:

 All Inclusive Policy

 Ultimate All Inclusive Policy

 All Inclusive Canada Policy

 Basic Policy

Emergency Medical Policy

 Non-Medical Policy

 Trip Cancellation and Interruption Policy

 Youth Premier Policy

 Ultimate Youth Premier Policy

 Visitors to Canada Policy

 Summer Holidays Policy



If you purchase a TIPS Travel Insurance policy and require medical treatment for a sickness or injury or need assistance during your trip, contact our Emergency Assistance Provider:

USA & Canada 1-800-334-7787
Direct Dial 905-667-0587
(Collect calls accepted. If you cannot place a collect call, please dial direct and submit the charges with your claim documents)



 This is a brief overview of TIPS product offerings.  Please refer to our
Policy Brochures for complete details. Underwritten by
 Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada. | 100 King Street W, Hamilton ON L8N 3K9