Florida - June 2016

The Maritime & LeGrow's Travel counsellors who went on the Florida trip were:


Dawn Penton, Happy Valley Goose Bay; Jackie McFadgen, Superstore @ Joe Howe; Maxime Gagnon, Campbellton; Lydia Parris, Mayflower Mall; Leanna Beaver, Burnside; Carrie Bellefontaine, Holiday Escapes; Susan Sommer, CSO; Ryan MacIver, CSO


The Orlando Fam was a fantastic experience. It was a great mix of hotel/site inspections, theme parks. One of the highlights for me was Mako Roller coaster at SeaWorld and Universal Studios. Our last evening ended at Mango's!  And a must do the next time I go back.

- Dawn Penton, Happy Valley - Goose Bay