Rocky Mountaineer - April 2016

Canadian Rockies 

Magnificent mountain scenery, glittering glaciers, astonishing wildlife, delectable dining.... Discovering the Rockies by train is the ultimate journey of the senses! You are wined and dined and given the white glove tratment all the way. And the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


The Maritime & LeGrow's Travel counsellors who went on the Rocky Mountaineer trip were:

Adrienne Benoit - Bridgewater, NS, Lisa MacIver - Park Lane, Halifax, NS, Sheila Little - Belleville, ON, Deborah O'Connell -  Village Mall, St John's, NL, Beth Plaunt -  New Liskeard, ON, Eric Gaudet - Church Pointe, NS, Tammy McKay -  Kentville, NS, Paula Warner -  Port Hawkesbury, NS, Anne Routhier - Clock Tower, Kingston, ON, Yvonne Godin  - Caraquet, Lynn Alamenciak - Elliot Lake, Leo-Paul Cormier - Toronto Financial District, Lisa Yetman - Carbonear, Linda Lavoie - Sudbury Regent

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“The Rocky Mountaineer is made for people who enjoy the finer things in life. The environment is wonderfully relaxed and comfortable and the food is excellent and there’s no shortage of it. Add in the spectacular scenery and this was a very enjoyable trip for me.”

- Lisa Yetman, Carbonear, NL

“The Rocky Mountaineer railroad trip is an excellent way to see the Rocky Mountains at a leisurely pace, while enjoying five-star service and educational narratives. It runs only during the daylight hours, so you see all the highlights.”

- Eric Gaudet, Church Pointe, NS

“I had a wonderful time exploring Western Canada aboard the Rocky Mountaineer. This vacation is tailormade for people looking for a relaxing, hassle-free holiday with spectacular scenery and wonderful food. I cannot say enough about the Rocky Mountaineer hosts and their warm, friendly service.”

Beth Plaunt, New Liskeard, ON

“The scenery is more than I could ever have imagined – the snow-capped mountains were breathtaking. This is a must-see for everyone!”

- Adrienne Benoit, Bridgewater, NS