India - April 2016

The Maritime & LeGrow's Travel counsellors who went on the India  Familiarization trip were:


Ashley Petten - Atlantic Place, CrystalLee Mercer - Howley Estates, Hana Talimalo - Vancouver DT, Sandra Martin - Holiday Escapes, VirginiaMcIntosh - Napanee, Marla Cannon - Victoria, Carla Nelson - Cranbrook, Elaine Dale - Yarmouth, Janet Hindbo - Salmon Arm, Marta Novkovic - Richmond, Neelam Dwivedi - New Westminster, Patricia Surette - Riverview, Sally Heinrick - Kelowna, Carina Bennett - Halifax Shopping Centre

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 “I would recommend India to the well-travelled and anyone up for an adventure. It was definitely a different destination, but with the right tour and the right mindset, anyone could enjoy it. The highlight for me was the Tiger Safari. We found a tiger on the second safari we did and sat for about two hours just watching him. It was worth every minute! The Taj Mahal was pretty awesome as well. Both experiences were checks off my bucket list.”

- Ashley Petten, Atlantic Place, St. John’s, NL

“India was uplifting, heart-wrenching, stunning and raw. Pictures and videos simply cannot do it justice. When you’re there you don’t just see it, you’re immersed in it. You feel the crush of humanity, the frenetic energy of the cities crowded with millions. Varanasi was like nothing I could have imagined – throngs of people praying, washing, living and dying on the banks of the Ganges River, while litter-bearers submerse richly adorned bodies in the river and then light them afire. Around the burning funeral pyres, cows and dogs forage for food. India is the answer for anyone looking for a new perspective on life.”

- Carina Bennett, Halifax Shopping Centre, NS

“If you want to experience the world’s most ancient cultures and medieval architecture, along with spiritual waterways, hoards of people, religious rituals, ancient traditions and modern-day mayhem – visit India! This country is definitely the most unique destination I have ever visited. It touches all five senses at one – an amazing array of colors, melodies, fragrances, spices and textured fabrics.”

- Sally Heinrick, Kelowna, BC

“India was absolutely amazing, from the people to the food and the sites. It’s a trip of a lifetime that should not be missed.”

- Virginia McIntosh, Napanee, ON