Galapagos - 2015

Galapagos Islands– Fall 2015 – G Adventures


Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands cast a spell upon visitors with it's extraordinarily beautiful setting and amazing underwater world. These 19 islands, situated about 1000 km from the coast have been called 'a living museum and showcase of evolution'. Each island has its own unique charm and the people are lovely.

The Maritime & LeGrow's Travel counsellors who went on the Galapagos Familiarization trip were:


From left to right: Back row - Eric Gaudet, Tammy Morgan, Ingrid Grages, Lyndse Prime, Lois Follett, Valerie Rouse, Ashley (G Adventures), Jenny McCready, Gandy (G Adventures). Middle RowCharity Lawson, Annie Kanaroski, Laura Woolfrey. Front row – Jonathan Stevens, Carina Bennett, Dawn Griffith, Margaret VanDine

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“The Galapagos are a phenomenal place to visit. The animals, birds, sea lions, lizards and penguins are all amazing and can entertain you forever. I found the people to be very laid-back and courteous to visitors and they are proud to show off their islands. The weather is nicest in the fall, with none of the extreme heat you’d expect this close to the Equator. Each island is unique onto itself and as there are not the traditional big hotels or all-inclusives, you feel much closer to the local culture and lifestyle. 

Eric Gaudet, Church Point, NS

“Wow this was the trip of a lifetime – cross one more off the bucket list! What an amazing opportunity to experience true nature without any barriers and in a truly authentic setting. If you want an experience that allows you to ‘live like the locals,’ then G Adventures offers it all. This is small-group travel at its best!” 

Lyndse Prime, Manager, New Minas, NS

“What an amazing adventure packed with fabulous accommodations, great food, and awesome outdoor experiences. The highlight for me was definitely the wildlife, and the Equator tour. What a beautiful destination!” 

Lois Follett, Manager, Marystown, NL

“Aren’t we lucky! What other employer out there requires you to explore the world! Previous to this fam, I had watched videos and read articles on the Galapagos Islands; however, it didn’t prepare me for the experience at all. It was out of this world! We had the opportunity to stay on three different islands, travelling by speedboat between them. We hiked a volcano, swam with sea turtles, got up close and personal with sea lions … I could go on and on! Kudos to G Adventures on arranging such an amazing experience. 

Laura Woolfrey, Lewisporte, NL

“The trip was even better than I expected. In fact, it was nothing short of fabulous! G Adventures was great – always on time and ensuring everything went off without a hitch. There were lots of highlights – a great group of people, fabulous food (and drinks), an excellent guide and lovely little hotels. These were all unique, but each offered everything we needed for a most comfortable stay. Overall, a really wonderful experience and a most memorable trip.” 

Annie Kanaroski, Calgary North, AB