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Halifax Remembers Titanic


Your journey begins as your tour guide describes the day when the ships were dispatched to rescue the victims of the ill-fated vessel. Gain additional perspective on the event when you pause at the Fairview Cemetery to contemplate the rows of gravestones that mark the final resting place of 121 souls who perished in the North Atlantic Sea. Next, proceed to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, which houses a permanent Titanic exhibit. Here, you will have the chance to inspect photographs, wooden artifacts and the only intact Titanic deck chair in the world.

You will also learn about the devastating Halifax Explosion, which occurred just five years after the sinking of Titanic. In 1917, Mont Blanc, a French ship loaded with munitions, collided with the Belgian Relief ship, Imo, in the Halifax harbor. The resulting explosion leveled the north end of Halifax, killing or injuring thousands. In addition to hearing facts and figures concerning these disasters at sea, you will discover many stories of compassion as the world reached out to help Halifax and its residents overcome the loss and rebuild their lives.


Tour Fees:

2 Adults: $209 + tax
3 Adults: $142 + tax
4 Adults: $114 + tax
5 Adults: $93 + tax
6 Adults: $119 + tax
7 Adults: $103 + tax
8 Adults: $93 + tax
9 Adults: $84 + tax
10 Adults: $76 + tax
11 Adults: $70 + tax
12 Adults: $65 + tax