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Halifax Introductory Drive


Your excursion will begin with a visit to the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, which dates to the mid-1700s. For more than 75 years, it functioned as the British Imperial bastion of control in North America. From this fine vantage point, you will have a panoramic view of the harbor and city. The impressive early 19th-century Old Town Clock at the entrance is not to be missed.

Your drive will then continue past Province House, described by Charles Dickens as a “gem of Georgian architecture.” It is also renowned as the location of Canada’s original printing press, where the country’s first newspaper was published. Today, it is the seat of government and Canada’s oldest legislative building.

You will enjoy a relaxing stroll in the attractive Public Gardens. This nine-acre botanical garden is one of the finest Victorian public gardens in North America. You will pass by the Narrows, where on December 6, 1917, two ships collided causing what is now known as the Halifax Explosion.

You will see the Scotiabank Centre, Halifax’s convention center and finish your tour at the Historic Properties Complex, where old wharves and warehouses now serving as home to shops, restaurants and offices.

Tour Fees:

2 Adults: $202 + tax
3 Adults: $135 + tax
4 Adults: $107 + tax
5 Adults: $86 + tax
6 Adults: $112 + tax
7 Adults: $96 + tax
8 Adults: $86 + tax
9 Adults: $77 + tax
10 Adults: $69 + tax
11 Adults: $63 + tax
12 Adults: $58 + tax