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Peggy's Cove


To truly experience the sheer majesty and power of the Atlantic Ocean, you must travel along the winding coastal highway of the Lighthouse Route to the tiny fishing village and unspoiled beauty of Peggy’s Cove. Peggy’s Cove is an authentic fishing village—little wonder it has been an inspiration for artists and an irresistible lure for budding and seasoned adventurers for more than 150 years. The colorful houses and fishing shacks perched atop the solid stone inlet that overlooks the restless waters of the Atlantic exhibit the wear and tear of the ocean and its punishing storms. Yet they endure, much like the small population of 40 people who live here. Take time to view the most photographed lighthouse in the whole world and see a famous piece of artwork inspired by this harsh yet breath-taking landscape—a granite carving by local resident William deGarthe that beautifully depicts the life and the people of the area. You’ll have free time to stroll along the rocks on your own, browse through the many souvenir shops, and see the unusual rock formations forged by glaciers during the last Ice Age.

Tour Fees:

2 Adults: $202 + tax
3 Adults: $135 + tax
4 Adults: $107 + tax
5 Adults: $86 + tax
6 Adults: $112 + tax
7 Adults: $96 + tax
8 Adults: $86 + tax
9 Adults: $77 + tax
10 Adults: $69 + tax
11 Adults: $63 + tax
12 Adults: $58 + tax