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Historic Halifax Tour


Today experience Halifax, both historic and new, through its fascinating 250-year history. You’ll travel with your guide on a motor coach tour and take a 250-year journey through the streets of Halifax past old buildings and a National Historic Sites. See Halifax's unique architecture and tree-lined streets as your guide regales you with stories of the pirates and princes, press gangs and brewers who have helped shape this historic city since its beginning in 1749.

You will also learn about the Halifax Explosion—the greatest man-made explosion before the atomic age—and how the grateful citizens of Halifax thanked the citizens of Massachusetts who came to their aid in its time of need. Enjoy the local warmth and charm of its people.

Visit the Public Gardens, one of the finest examples of Victorian Gardens in North America. Meet members of the 78th Highlanders as you visit one of Canada's most visited National Historic Sites—the Halifax Citadel. See Province House and St Paul's Church, and catch a glimpse of the Old Town Clock—a gift to the city from the father of Queen Victoria—and hear about Halifax's unique Immigration History as you drive by the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21. The Canadian equivalent to Ellis Island welcomed newcomers to this country from 1919 to 1972.

Hear about the Titanic's connections to Halifax and visit the Fairview Lawn Cemetery—the largest terrestrial resting place for the Titanic victims; second only to the Atlantic Ocean in this forlorn claim.


Tour Fees:

2 Adults: $206 + tax
3 Adults: $138 + tax
4 Adults: $111 + tax
5 Adults: $89 + tax
6 Adults: $116 + tax
7 Adults: $100 + tax
8 Adults: $90 + tax
9 Adults: $80 + tax
10 Adults: $73 + tax
11 Adults: $67 + tax
12 Adults: $61 + tax