3 Ways To Book Your Florida Home!

We offer a broad selection of homes (3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 bedrooms), 3-, 4- and 5-star homes, as well as gated and non-gated communities.

/_uploads/images/HolidayEscapes/HE-1.png Generic Home This is the most economical type of home. This means you choose the size and star-category of home, however, you don’t know which exact home or community you will be staying in until you check-in at the welcome centre.
/_uploads/images/HolidayEscapes/HE-2.png Named Community For a small fee, you can choose the community you would like to stay in – whether it’s gated, or close to golf or has a common area with added facilities, such as a club house. For your convenience, we have rated the communities we recommend.
/_uploads/images/HolidayEscapes/HE-3.png Specific Home For an additional fee, you can choose an exact home in an exact community, after seeing a selection of interior and exterior photos, reviewing a detailed description of the home and learning about the community.